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Acne Skin Care: The Cover Up


No matter how diligent you are at caring for your skin, there will be times when factors beyond your control may trigger an acne breakout. Don't panic! There are "cover-up" products available to help hide the blemishes. However, you must be careful when choosing products and techniques. Here are a few tips about how to best conceal acne.

Wash and moisturize your face before attempting any cover-up. You want to start with a "clean slate."

Utilize natural, organic cover-up products that contain high amounts of pigment. The more pigment a product has, the less of it you need to apply. Less is always better when it comes to cosmetics. Do a swatch test to make sure it is a good match for your skin tone and color. Take a small amount of the product and massage it into your skin. The proper concealer for you will match your skin color so that it remains invisible, but at the same time hides blemishes.

Apply cover-up products in good, natural light. This will help you do a better job of effectively hiding the blemishes.


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